About The Book

Why Should Everyone Read Between Two Worlds?

If you like reading a motivational book or a moving story, this book is for you. Between Two Worlds is the modern take on the lives of immigrants who are divided between two different realities. Although the book targets a global audience, it is the best book on Turkish Muslim immigrants in Germany. The book consists of different themes that can be relatable to international and Turkish readers. Birol has compiled his life journey in the book with the aim to inspire people, including immigrants.

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Between Two Worlds is an ode to the people living away from their roots. It provides a glimpse into Birol’s life as a person trying to find a middle ground for his dilemma. It provides readers with an understanding of what every immigrant goes through while trying to make peace with their reality. Birol’s book takes a global approach highlighting the struggles of an immigrant hoping to fit into and adapt to the new surroundings.

This book on immigrant families in Germany is a real-life tale of Birol Bahadir. He has used his struggles and challenges to highlight the truth behind the diverse German social values. The author talked about him facing trouble initiating conversations and other issues while living in Germany as an immigrant.

  • Between 2 Worlds (German Edition)

  • Between 2 Worlds (English Edition)