Experiencing an Immigrant’s Life with Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds is a real-life story of an immigrant that takes you through the life of a man swinging between his two identities. Birol Bahadir provides a sneak peek into his life, taking a sweet and sour take on his experiences while living in Germany as a child born to Turkish parents.

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Explore the German Life for Immigrants

Birol’s book provides the readers with a insights into the German life for immigrants. It’s a real-life take on how it feels like living in your true identity. The bittersweet experiences and the continuous feeling of an unknown alienation are the key points raised by the author.

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Birol Bahadir

Between Two Worlds is a Set of Themes

Birol's book has tons of relatable themes. It talks about relationships, discrimination, and challenges of a conservative household. The book is full of Easter-Eggs for the Turkish diaspora and a treat for the global audience.